Friday, August 1, 2008

Pan Mass Challenge Break

With all the excitement going on in baseball, I have been too busy getting ready to ride in the Pan Mass Challenge this weekend to write about it.

The Pan Mass Challenge is a 192 mile bike ride from Sturbridge to Provincetown, Massachusetts. This will be my fourth year riding on Team LEGS. This year we are riding for a 5 year old girl whose name is Kayleigh. Kayleigh was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, a cancer of the liver. She has undergone a liver transplant, and a few rounds of chemotherapy, all at the age of 5. But, because of the money raised by the PMC, great strides have been made towards a cure, and today she has hope that she will survive.

If you have a kind heart, and are feeling like you need another tax deduction, please consider contributing to my ride!


Brief thoughts on Manny Ramirez...

When I heard about the trade, I wondered how many players they got in return for a certain hall of famer like Manny. I was shocked to find they had to throw in Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss, and $7 million just to get Jason Bay! Wow! Jason is a good player, but, as of yet, he is not the RBI machine that Manny is. I am hoping that Jason knows he is good, and has been wallowing in last place with the Pirates dreaming about playing for a top team. If so, this is is chance to shine.

Meanwhile, Manny joins forces with Joe Torre and the other unhappy Sox player of note, Nomar Garciaparra. Interesting. Now, Manny's options for next year are gone, and with Scott Boras running things for Manny, he may not even be with the Dodgers next year. Probably one of the reasons the Sox had to up the offer. The Pirates made out well - 4 new young players!

Lastly, it is really a shame, just like with Nomar. We have a superstar who is loved in town, but somehow he just can't do the Jason Varitek and Big Papi thing and enjoy it. Instead he has to go and rock the boat, whine and moan, and get run out of time. Now the Sox have clearly degraded to rid themselves of a growing problem in Manny. Yes, they are worse for the trade having lost a premier slugger, a good young relief pitcher, and a solid young outfielder. Jason Bay has big shoes to fill. Will be freeze up like a deer in the headlights, or cut loose to show the world his stuff?

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