Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pre-World Series Thoughts

Now that our beloved Red Sox have seen this incredibly fun season come to an end, what do you see ahead? Football? Hot stove talk? Rest and relaxation?

What you should be doing is getting ready for the World Series. This is not passing judgement, only presenting an observation. If you have no intention whatsoever of watching any of the World Series this year, then you are not a true baseball fan. The fact that you are reading this means you have an interest in the Red Sox, or are a family member who's wondering what I'm up to (hi Mom!), or both. Nothing wrong with that really, but baseball is so much more than just whether or not the team on Boston wins. Baseball is in our blood. It flows through our country, and marks the passage of time.

So think about that for yourself. Are you a fan of baseball, or just the Red Sox? When I was a kid, baseball was king. We knew almost every player throughout the league, thanks in large part to collecting baseball cards. Sure, we knew all about the Red Sox, our favorite team, but we knew history as well. If you asked me who my all time favorite player in history was, I would have answered Willy Mays, who never played for the Sox. We were enthralled with All Star Games and World Series contests, each one an official piece of American history. This week, another chapter in the history book will be written.

Will the Rays become the first team in U.S. professional sports history to go from dead last place to World Champions in one year? Will the 126 year old Phillies franchise add a second Championship banner to their beautiful new ballpark? Yes, one of those two events will take place. What players will make their mark in baseball lore? Which ones will exceed expectations, and which ones will crumble under pressure?

With your team out of it, yes, it is less personal, but in many ways that is easier. You do not need to raise your blood pressure, or pull your hair out. Just sit back and enjoy baseball at its highest level. Ponder the moves being made. Enjoy the beauty of each well executed play. Marvel at the precision of a pitcher and enjoy the crack of the bat when the batter wins the battle.

All of this is on our doorstep. So, are you a baseball fan? Then let's get it on.


Soxlosophy said...
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Soxlosophy said...

i hear ya, but my wounds need to heal before i can watch the world series. its a good thing there's some days off first. i'll probably tune in by the weekend.

but of course you're right, baseball comes first.

Rooster said...

You are right. Game 7 of the ALCS is a tense situation. We need to decompress first.

Thankfully they gave us a couple of days. Pre-2004, I'd still be in therapy. Post-2007, it was just a good year that almost went to the WS. Not so bad. the healing process is much easier.

This was no 1986!

Go Philly.

Suldog said...

The Series was always THE biggest sporting event of my childhood, Red Sox involvement or no - and, in my childhood, it was more often a resounding "NO!"

I'll be watching every pitch. I predict Rays in 6.

Rooster said...

I'm with you Sul. However, check out today's post to see who I'm rooting for, and why.

Anonymous said...

It was more often a resounding

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