Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Red Sox Kid Nation Vote

You may not be aware of this, but the Red Sox have a club for children called "Red Sox Kid Nation". It is very fun, and my children have been members since its inception. Members get a membership kit that includes fun items such as a Kid Nation Red Sox hat, membership card, newsletters, and shoelaces. Members also get the chance to buy Red Sox tickets to selected Kid Nation games at discount prices! To top it all, in 2004 my daughter won a Kid Nation raffle and got the chance to play baseball and spend the afternoon with Trot Nixon in Fenway Park with about 30 other winners! What an amazing day that was.

This year, Kid Nation is trying something new. They are electing 12 members to become Kid Nation Captains! I was approached by one 10 year old girl who has already been selected to be one of the top 25 candidates. I have read all about her, and I feel she is a remarkable little girl, who is from Lynn, Massachusetts, and has already been very active in her love for baseball. I'd tell you more, but I think she tells it best.

Please take a moment to read Victoria G's blog, find out what she has done for baseball already, and read her essay to become a Kid Nation Captain. If you are as impressed as I was, please make sure you give her your vote!

Good luck Victoria!

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Peter N said...

Hi Rooster. I too read about Victoria's quest, and I voted for her and included a link to her blog on my link list. GOOD LUCK (again), Victoria!
Rooster, I hope you received your boxed DVD sets...if not, they'll be there today. Let me know. Pete