Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Opening Day - At Last

Everything is right in the world again. Baseball is back in Boston.

There really is nothing like opening day. There is a tangible buzz in the streets around Fenway, excitement in the air drifting all around the smell of popcorn and sizzling sausages. Fenway Park puts on her best outfit, all bedecked in red white and blue bunting, and the streets echo with pleas for a ticket - any ticket to get in for the game.

I took my family to opening day in 2005, and it was a day none of us will forget. I had put my name into the online ticket lottery on RedSox.com, and I was selected for the opportunity to purchase tickets to a Yankees game. Fortunately, the Yankees were our opening day opponent, so I quickly went on line and managed to get 4 bleacher seats, rather close to the "Red Seat". If you haven't stood by the red seat - it is truly amazing how far that Ted Williams home run landed from home plate.

The day was electric. The ceremony was thrilling, the flyover rocked, and pride flowed through Red Sox Nation. The funniest moment was when Mariano Rivera was introduced and the crowd erupted in cheers - thanking Rivera for his role in helping the Sox advance to the World Series. What made it so memorable was Mariano seeing the humor in it and laughing as he waved to the crowd.

The Red Sox got their rings, beat the Yankees, and raised the spirits of millions as fans, both old and new.

Amazingly, only a scant few years later, we are raising another banner. Spring is here, the Sox are in town, and there is once again joy in Mudville.

{Now, let's get out there and tame some Tigers}


Insight said...

Just watched Johnny run the Championship flag up the pole....brought a tear to my eye. Why is opening day like comfort food.......it fills a hole you didn't know you had! Play ball!

Rooster said...

You said it. Baseball runs deep in your blood.

redsox.njdevils said...

Yes! The Tigers are now 0-7.

I didn't get to watch the ceremony (I was in school, but even if I wasn't I wouldn't get it here in Jersey), but it sounds like everyone is saying that it was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Opening Day 2005 - How nice!

And I experienced that excitement in the air yesterday, as well as saw that new banner raised. I will also not forget it!