Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beckett Outpitched by Haren, Sox Lose 2-1

It was a hell of a pitching match, but Diamondbacks' starter, Dan Haren, was better. Haren shut the Red Sox out through 7 innings, but Josh Beckett allowed 2 runs to score. That pretty much sums up the game.

The Sox had their big chance in the 8th inning when Haren finally left. Just the situation we were looking for. Get the ace off the mound and attack the bullpen. Tony Pena replaced Haren, and sure enough, the Sox put him in a jam, loading the bases with one out, and the number 3 and 4 hitters coming up. JD Drew did not come through with a recently typical home run to take over the game, but he did manage a sacrifice fly to get the Sox on the scoreboard 2-1. However, Manny Ramirez, who has cooled off this past week, could not get a screaming line drive past third baseman, Mark Reynolds, who made a terrific diving catch to end the inning, and the Sox' hopes.

Odd situation of the night was between innings when Kevin Youkilis caught a bounced throw from Mike Lowell off of his right eye, which swelled up like a boxer's. For precautionary reasons, and before it swelled completely shut, Youkilis can out of the game. Hopefully nothing was damaged and he is able to return tonight. The timing is not good, since Sean Casey, our backup first baseman, began serving his suspension for this part in the Tampa Bay brawl. Terry Francona went with Brandon Moss at first base, which should only be a last resort.

Justin Masterson will try and match Beckett's amazing performance. Beckett went 8 innings allowing only 5 hits, 2 runs, and 8 strikeouts. Big shoes to fill for Masterson, but more importantly, can the Red Sox offense get something going and score a few runs?

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