Sunday, June 8, 2008

DVD Contest Winner

The contest was a battle to the end. Congratulations to our winner, MCG, the only female in the contest, and making her guesses remotely from Barcelona, Spain! The scoring worked out as follows:

Wins (5):
Jim S. and Tom S. both picked the exact number of wins and both earned 5 points. Everyone else picked 4, so everyone else picked up 3 points for that guess.

Runs (32):
Nobody picked 32, but Rich M. was closest with 33. He earned 3 points for that. MCG was next closest with 34 and earned 1 point.

Home Runs (6):
MCG picked 6 exactly and earned 5 points. Mike S. was next closest with 5, earning him 3 points. Matt O. picked 8 and Rich M. picked 4. Both of those guesses missed by 2, so both earned 1 point.

Steals by Ellsbury (1):
This was a bit of a surprise being so low. But, Ellsbury got hurt and missed too much time to build up his numbers. MCG, Jim S., and Matt O. were all closest guessing 3. That earned them all 3 points. Mark W. and Mike S. were the next closest guessing 4, and each earned 1 point.

The exact match on home runs is really what put MCG over the top, her total of 12 points earning her a terrific DVD. It was a close contest, and I hope everyone had fun tracking their scores as the week went on.

MCG - the DVD's are on the way overseas! Red Sox Nation has a wide reach!


Suldog said...

Congrats to the winner! Hope she enjoys the DVD!

MCG said...

Thanks for organizing the DVD contest! Also thanks for the daily blog! I look forward to reading it daily. It's awesome that I won...sorry guys.
Look forward to watching the games with my son. Good thing I have a multi system DVD player. YEAH ME!!!
MCG (Spain)

I'll let you know how to get the goods to me:)

Rooster said...

You had great picks, and nailed the home run guess right on the nose!

You must know your beisbol!

The DVD is all yours. And thanks for stopping by every day!

Sul - you were close. If Ellsbury did not get hurt, you would have had a real shot.